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Sandisk selling "special edition" SD cards for Wii at a premium

Cyrus Farivar

Everyone's heard about PS3s getting resold on eBay for ridiculous amounts, but there's more than just black market markups these days. Sandisk is openly executing some "smart business" with its Wii-branded SD cards, too. The flash memory company is selling "special edition" cards in capacities ranging from half a gig all the way up to 2GB, with prices that go from $35 to $90, respectively. By comparison, says that the lowest you can get an ordinary 512MB SD card is $10, while the cheapo 2GB SD cards come in at $27. From what we can tell, the only difference between these SD cards and any plain-vanilla SD card is that this one says "For Wii" on it and comes in the exact same shade of white as your new console. If that's not worth triple the price, we're not sure what is.

[Via TG Daily]

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