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The Wearable Babysitter: it's worse than you think


Ok, we've seen some freaktastic ways to round up, watch and even threaten kids into subordination. But a new "Wearable Babysitter" concept "demonstrated" at the Ubiquitous Fashionable Computer show in Korea is set to kick your regularly scheduled babysitter into the bins of history. It all goes a little something like this: slip that big-azz spring with attached LCD and speaker over your head, hook up some "special sensors" to junior's diaper and, er, nipples (yes, nipples) and mom's free to throw back some Cosmos with the girls from work just like she used to. Then, when mister remote baby drops a big ol' Texan or apparently, gets cold, you'll be the first to know. Of course, you could just leave the kid at the coat check but that's not very hi-tech now is it? Hmm, now what shoes match a plastic baby handbag?

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