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BlueAnt intros Z9 Bluetooth headset

Darren Murph

You've got a smorgasbord of options when it comes to adding a dash of public humiliation to your ear, but BlueAnt's Z9 Bluetooth headset sports a feature set that has the ability to make fashion become second priority. While it doesn't look much different than similar alternatives, the Z9 packs dual microphones (in case you talk out of both sides of your mouth), DSP, echo / noise cancelling, automatic gain adjustment, a built-in clip for times when not looking so technologically inclined would be in your best interest, and on-the-fly switching between devices. Moreover, it supports USB firmware upgrades and boasts a seven hour talk time (180 hours in standby). Although BlueAnt isn't disclosing its pricetag just yet, we do know that it'll be on display at next year's CES, so keep an eye out for some hands-on action when January rolls around.

[Via SlashPhone]

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