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Wii on an HD set? It'll cost ya extra (if you want it to look good). (Wii annoyance #004)

Vladimir Cole

Plenty's been written in the past week (on myriad blogs) about how much better (or, in the case of the new Zelda, less ugly) the Wii looks when connected to HD displays via component cables instead of the composite cables included in the Wii retail box.

For those of you who've made the leap to HD sets (there are more than 19 million American households that have HDTVs according to this September Forrester report), the price of Wii gaming just went up by $30. That's annoying.

We're not the only ones annoyed by this hidden cost. Joystiq reader Shawn wrote, "I'm really disappointed that the Wii doesn't come with component cables by default. Who the hell wants to use composite? Even on a standard def TV, component is a lot better, but obviously everyone with an HDTV will have to spend an extra $30 ..."

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