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Wii will rock you!

Kevin Kelly

The Wii may rock you, but it's unclear if this song will, the jury is still out. Team Fremont has put a musical effort up commemorating the Wii launch tomorrow. It won't be topping any charts (except maybe the "Top ten songs written to commemorate the Wii launch" chart), but it's worth a listen for the sheer "What the?!" factor.

According to Team Fremont, "In celebration of the Wii launch, we created a song for people to listen to while they stand in line or drive to the store at midnight. We hope you enjoy!" So, fire up the WiFi if you're out there in line and download some aural Wii-tunage to share with your fellow Wii-waiters.

"Come and play my Wiiiii ... you wanna wave it around!" Nice work, Team Fremont. A+ for effort, B- for the beat, and C- for the creepy factor. +50 DKP points to the first Joystiqer who lays down a decent remix of this song, preferably techno-style.

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