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Lawsuit takes issue with T-Mobile's ETFs

Chris Ziegler

You don't like early termination fees. We don't like early termination fees. In fact, with the exception of the carriers' bean counters, we can't think of anyone that likes 'em. But the fact of the matter is, a contract's a contract, and the ETF is the (relatively small, in the scheme of things) penance we pay for the right to break it. Be that as it may, a new class action suit brought against T-Mobile in an Idaho federal court claims that the nation's #4 carrier is breaking thirteen state consumer protection laws by charging customers $200 to wiggle out of their agreements. Specifically, the claim stems from the fact that T-Mobile doesn't make allowance for reducing the ETF based on the amount of time the user has been with the carrier, nor the "quality of service" they receive. For its part, T-Mobile isn't commenting on the suit, but we're guessing we can imagine the hand gesture they're doing their best to not display right about now. To the plaintiffs: can we recommend Sprint?

[Via The Wireless Report]

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