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Cingular debuts Sierra Wireless Aircard 875


If you're still rocking a PCMCIA slot, and haven't filled it yet with some other tantalizing 3G option, Cingular just busted out its first UMTS/HSDPA laptop card, the Sierra Wireless Aircard 875, which might strike your fancy. Built by Sierra Wireless, who has been quite busy on this front of late, the card has theoretical peaks of 3.6Mbps down and 384Kbps up, and Cingular rates the actual speeds at around 400-700 and 100-120 respectively. While there's not much point to the purchase if you don't have Cingular's 3G Broadband Connect service in your area, the card can serve up EDGE data in a pinch. Without contract the 875 will run you $349.99, but with $149.99 off for a 2-year service agreement, and an additional $100 rebate when you sign up for unlimited data service, you might emerge from your local Cingular store relatively unscathed.

[Thanks, Josh M.]

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