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HTC "Cavalier" to succeed Excalibur?

Chris Ziegler

Sorry to take the wind out of your sails just weeks after plunking down the cash for that T-Mobile Dash, folks, but you know how we roll: we gotta call it like we see it. If the rumors prove accurate, the updated Excalibur -- codenamed "Cavalier," it seems -- looks to make good on all the Excalibur's shortcomings by bundling UMTS, HSDPA, a shiny new 400MHz Samsung core (up from 200MHz), and a 2 megapixel cam (an extra 700,000 pixels to play with by our count, give or take), all of which should allegedly fit into a package that looks like a slightly porkier Excalibur. But the best part? This thing should be coming soon. Like, real soon; a few months at most. No word on carriers or pricing, but you can bet your Dash we'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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