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IR Robot offers up next generation of foosball: Robot Sports Game

Darren Murph

Sure, capping off a hard-fought round of Airhockey over a distance with a shifty hat trick elicits a great deal of satisfaction (or disdain), but sometimes we prefer to one on one, up close and personal. Coming from nowhere other than South Korea, IR Robot has unveiled a clever hybrid of foosball and rollerball that pits two to four combatants against one another in a slightly violent game of robotic soccer - one that puts Mr. Soccer Robot Football to shame . The remote-controlled carts are electrified from the table's surface, and can move in any direction while busting 360s on command in an attempt to land the ball in the opponent's goal. While we don't have any details concerning price or availability, we've definitely found the next addition to Engadget HQ's arcade room right here.

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