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NY Times disses Sony PS3

Ed Stasick

The standard-bearer of video-gaming journalism, The New York Times, spent some quality time with the PS3 last week and didn't come away too impressed:

"Howard Stringer, you have a problem. Your company's new video game system just isn't that great. Sony blithely insisted that the PS3 would leapfrog all competition to deliver an unsurpassed level of fun. Put bluntly, Sony has failed to deliver on that promise."

Besides not knowing what blithely even means, I don't put too much weight in the opinions of newspaper reviewers. But, I do respect the opinions of some of the industry experts that they quote (even if they're probably wrong).

"What's weird is that the PS3 was originally supposed to come out in the spring, and here it came out in the fall, and it still doesn't feel finished," Christopher Grant, managing editor of Joystiq, one of the world's biggest video-game blogs, said on the telephone Saturday night. "It's really not the all-star showing they should have had at launch. Sony is playing catch-up in a lot of ways now, not just in terms of sales but in terms of the basic functionality and usability of the system."

Time will tell, Chris. Time will tell.

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