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The MC35: a Symbol for the masses?

Chris Ziegler

Symbol's handsets, while plenty rugged and capable for everyday use, don't exactly meet the... uh, aesthetic requirements demanded by average folks carrying smartphones around as part of their daily routine. Enter the MC35, a rumored Windows Mobile Pocket PC coming down the pike for a possible January launch. If the blurry picture we have here resembles the final product, it looks like Symbol is taking a sharp turn in the direction of form over function -- but no worries, corporate users and Symbol fanboys -- it should pack pretty much all the typical goodness you'd expect from a Symbol. The company is apparently billing it as a "durable, lightweight... all-in-one enterprise communication device" with integrated GPS, VoIP, and push-to-talk. Foreign-language and WiFi versions will be following shortly after the plain vanilla variant launches.

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