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The PS3 backwards compatibility list

Ross Miller

Sony's PlayStation site now features a handy little Javascript program that lets you check on any compatibility issues the PS3 might have with the PlayStation catalogue. Instead of a list, however, you have to type in the games about which you are curious into the search box to find out all the glitches.

We understand not making a list of every PSOne and PS2 title that has compatibility issues, but at the same time we are not sure to what extent BC problems are prevalent. We are impressed with how detailed every glitch has been chronicled, so that you know exactly how the game will screw up (major or minor) while being played on the PS3. We decided to run of a few searches ourselves:
  • Psychonauts, unlike its Xbox counterpart, "has no major problems" with the PS3. Huzzah!
  • The Ratchet series works fine.
  • The Jak series is okay, except for a handful of issues with Jak X: Combat Racing.
  • Almost surprisingly, every Madden title works well. Only Madden NFL 2007 has some issues with static IP / DHCP and online gaming.
  • Every SOCOM title has at least one or two issues.
  • The Final Fantasy series is a mixed bag. X, XII, and Tactics work, but Anthology, Chronicles, Origins, VIII, and IX have issues. FF VII has one graphical anomaly during one of the first battles in the game. Final Fantasy XI has problems using the PS3's HDD, but a future software update promises to fix that.
Mess around the search box and let us know what else you find. Don't throw out your PS2 until you check your favorite titles first.

[Via CVG]

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