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A&E HD is back; now with the Sopranos

Ben Drawbaugh

Evidently we missed the launch of A&E HD earlier this year, it showed up in Tampa a week or two ago and we have to say we are not impressed. So far it's nothing but upconverts just like TNT HD, but without as much HD, if that is even possible. The launch was without much fanfare and is only available in select cities. Those of you might remember Bravo HD the first time A&E HD launched and was eventually changed into the Universal HD. It appears that they weren't happy with the amount of advertisers attracted to the network, which includes Bose and a few exercise machines, so they go the simulcast route as ESPN and TNT have done before them. Here at Engaget HD we are always happy to see new HD stations come online, but are skeptical till they start to deliver and today we see the first indication that A&E HD will as they announce plans to broadcast the Sopranos in HD. The first two seasons will be in 16x9 SD, similar to Fox Widecreen, with the remainder to be presented in HD. As excited as we are to enjoy the Sopranos in HD all over again, we are little curious to see how well they deal with the content not fit for A&E.

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