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Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600 rolls in this week for $400

Cyrus Farivar

Alright Zen fanboys, your Singaporean mothership has just come out with a new dock for that Zen Vision: M, dubbed the Creative X-Fi Sound System Z600. Like it says in the name, this dock has that new X-Fi stuff that Creative touts as being able to restore compressed audio to CD quality. Of course there's also the usual inclusions, like a remote, an 8-inch woofer and a pair of tweeters to round out the setup as well; the gear can be yours when it drops in the US on November 24 for $400. Creative also announced a couple other sound docks, the PlayDock Z500 and the TravelSound Zen V -- but if you're an astute reader of Engadget, you already knew about those well before the official announcement.

[Via Far East Gizmos]

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