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Hands-on with the D40

Ryan Block, @ryan

We were pretty stoked when Nikon finally announced the D40, but we were even more stoked when we got to play with one. It's light, it's fast, and it's a lot of fun to fool around with for amateurs photographers like us (and we do mean amateur). Click on for a ton of unboxing shots and to see how the D40 looks in the buff alongside an older sibling.

What, the side of the box is just as interesting!

It comes with a battery, charger, power cable (for the charger), USB cable, and strap.

So close.

There she is.

Hello, beautiful.

This obviously doesn't show a lot of scale, but wow is this thing small for a DSLR.

Now for the comparisons to the completely moderately sized D70s. Keep in mind, the D70s is by no means a large DSLR.

Sorry, son, those old batteries won't work anymore.

Notice: no camera info LCD. All that's emulated in the actual main display now.

SD slot, we're so over CF.

With that bundled 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens.

Let's turn 'er on.

Look familiar?

Nice, up to 1600 ISO.

Love those RAW options.

The full LCD even emulates the old school LCD it's missing.

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