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It's all fun and games ....


While incautious use of the Wiimote will (probably) not result in death, there are apparently some risks involved with the components of your new console. Nintendo's manuals are chock full of warnings, and in fact, a screen reminding players to be sure and employ the wrist strap pops up with annoying frequency. But what about those situations that aren't covered in the manual? You may not shoot your eye out playing Red Steel, but we keep waiting for the first stories of flying Wiimotes clocking people in the head.

Worried about all the possible heinous outcomes? 1UP prepared a handy visual guide to possible "Wiinjuries" both physical and psychological. Who knew that Wii caused cancer? According to the above photo, it just might ....

Check after the jump for more personal story.

This blogger can boast a wiinjury of her very own, courtesy of Rayman Raving Rabbids. In one minigame, Rayman has to run with a ticking timebomb wrapped up as a festive holiday gift (those are some cruel rabbids) and one must move the nunchuk and Wiimote up and down very quickly to simulate pumping arms while running. I didn't feel it when I brought the nunchuk down on my knuckle (where there is just skin and bone), and wouldn't even have noticed it, except there was a strange sort of sticky feeling on my hand. I demanded someone turn on the light and voila! Blood.

So our Wiimote and nunchuk have been blooded. Also, we learned a valuable lesson -- some level of coordination is required in order to avoid injury while getting your Wii on ... coordination that I am severely lacking. And all apologies for the incredibly fuzzy photo. What can I say, that requires a little coordination also.

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