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New Fable scraps for Thanksgiving


The latest Fable 2 community update went live on Friday -- factoring in the international time change, that's technically next Tuesday -- and we're left with ... not much. Unfortunately, we still have virtually no gameplay details to give you. What we do have is this lovely drawing of a street corner. There are a few tiny details to give. The first of which is that the game looks "stunning." According to the update, the game is leaps and bounds ahead of the teaser trailer that was released at E3. Also, Fable 2 will feature new vertical elements that were absent from Fable. For example, water levels could rise, giving you access to higher areas, or you can jump down a hole to enter a subterranean dungeon. It's a simple idea, but it could add a lot to Fable 2's overall geography -- Fable was pretty flat when you think about it. The only other tidbit revealed is that development is proceeding on schedule, which doesn't help us if we don't have an actual release date with which to gauge Lionhead's progress. Still, this is the last community update this year, so we'll have to take what we can get.

The question is, with only the odd piece of artwork now and again to keep you going, are you still excited for Fable 2?

[Via Xboxygen]

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