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Analyst: Sony only shipped 125K to 175K PS3s

Blake Snow

American Technology Research believes that Sony may have only shipped 125,000 to 175,000 PS3 units in North America at launch, 15K of which were sent to retail as demo kiosks. That's far cry from the originally planned 400,000 number. If true, this estimate is in line with November 14 analyst predictions that Sony would be unable to hit its already limited launch inventory.

The report also suggests Sony won't be able to hit its desired 2 million units shipped by year's end, and they don't expect the company to adjust forecasts: "To be crystal clear, we don't expect it likely that Sony will update any of its hardware numbers before it reports its December quarter in late January. We believe that the December NPD report of North American November retail hardware is shaping up to be 125k to 175k, but outside of NPD and other local (Japan) market reports, we expect Sony to remain mum and focus on delivering units to retail."

We'd stay mum too, otherwise, BB-gun enthusiasts would be bustin' some caps up on Sony headquarters.

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