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Breakfast Topic: Best and Worst Profession

David Nelson

I must admit, I don't dabble a lot in the professions. In fact, I have only leveled mining, herbalism, alchemy and tailoring to 300. Some of my alts are low level leatherworkers or enchanters, but I have never really given the other professions, especially the crafting ones, a chance.

Perhaps that is because of my bad experience with tailoring. I picked up tailoring to make my priest the Truefaith Vestments after I lucked into the pattern on a Live Strat run. I made some OK money selling bags, then the bag market fell through the floor on my server. To make matters worse, a lot of the best tailoring items were (at the time) bind on pickup. Ouch. That made it awfully hard to raise money.

Now I have had the opposite experience with herbalism and its little brother, alchemy. I have always been able to make good money, and what I create is generally very useful for myself and my guildies. Flowers for the win.

What about you guys? Any favorite profession? Any profession you pretend doesn't exist?

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