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DS Fanboy contest: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam


We've reviewed his games, now it's time to give them away! We've got another contest for you guys, demanding you open up that copy of Photoshop you have and play around with the above image. Insert funny captions, thought balloons, or incredibly ridiculous backgrounds. You know, whatever you think will help you win (bonus points for implementing something to do with Thanksgiving)!

The first prize winner will receive Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam on the DS and the runner-up will receive Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam on the GBA. The winning entry will be chosen one week from today on Wednesday, November the 29th at 12:01am EST. Submissions should be sent to dsfanboy [dot] contests [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject Tony Hawk Contest. Failing to follow the rules, or submitting something pornographic, will automatically disqualify you and cause us to wag our fingers in disgust as we give your game away to someone else.

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