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Lara Croft and Mario make Forbes rich list


After procuring the tax returns of the worlds fictional characters, Forbes published a list of the 15 richest. Apparently the U.S. economy is such a joke that even Forbes has given up trying to report it seriously. Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks doesn't love "tomorrow" like his adopted daughter, he's perfectly happy with today, having $36.2 billion in the coffers. Characters that have made video game appearances in the past such as Scrooge McDuck ($10.9 billion) and Bruce Wayne ($6.8 billion) are sitting pretty. At $1 billion a piece at #14 and #15 respectively are the Lady Lara Croft and Mario (last name withheld).

There is certainly some shock while reviewing the list and kudos to Forbes for digging up the dirt on the video game superstars. Did you know that Lara Croft is 37 years-old? Her birthday is February 14, 1968 according to Wikipedia. Ms. Croft will be turning 40 in just a few years, making her one of the eldest video game superstars. There is a real revelation on the list. According to Forbes, Mario is only 23 years-old. Not only is the man slumming it as plumber after making a fortune in "commodities" -- it's an open secret he sold mushrooms for his fortune -- but at the age of 23 he must also be a wünderkind, having been a doctor, sports referee and world class athlete.

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