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To buy or not to buy: Virtual Console review roundup

Blake Snow

Not sure if current Virtual Console games are worth your dime (or $5-10)? Enter 1UP's Virtual Console roundup giving the thumbs up or down on all 14 titles currently available through the download service. The article gives the thumbs up on nine of the 14 games and also cites strengths and weaknesses of the "finest emulation service to date."

Here's one pro and one con from the article: "Most games support a 'suspend' feature that allows you to exit out of a game in progress and resume from where you were. It's like having a save state, and for those old NES games that required passwords it's a real boon ... [But] Games played on widescreen TVs automatically stretch to fit, which looks pretty bad. Link was always a tubby little guy on NES, but this is ridiculous."

To overcome the latter, you'll have to manually switch your Wii screen size to 4:3. Bummer.

UPDATE: Fixed dyslexic 3:4 ratio.

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