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MacBook Pro Advertising Etching

Dan Lurie

When Leah Culver needed a new laptop, but had no money with which to buy it, she got creative. In exchange for $150 toward the purchase of a new machine, Leah offered local companies one square inch of advertising space on the back of the MacBook. What at first looked like a feeble attempt to raise the required funds soon evolved into a successful exercise in the power of the community at large, and Leah quickly had enough cash to buy her laptop.

The final product looks pretty damn good, especially when compared to projects like The Million Dollar Homepage. Unfortunately, some of the images given to Leah were too low contrast to be rendered properly by the Epilog laser etcher. In any case, though, Leah has a shiny and unique new machine on which to work, and the companies who contributed have a presence wherever she takes the notebook out.

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