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New Leopard Build Introduces New Feature, Tweaks

Dan Lurie

The latest build of Leopard, (9A303) introduced some small but nifty features to the list of enhancements that will ship with the new OS next year. Lets take a look:

  • QuickLook is a new feature which allows users to view a full size preview of any image by right clicking on it, without having to open up the full Preview application.
  • The workflow for creating Dashboard Web Clips has changed. Instead of having to first open Dashboard, users can now create Web Clips directly within Safari.
  • When connecting a new external storage device, Leopard will ask you if would like to use the drive as a Time Machine backup drive.
  • The Spaces switching dialog is now a glossy black.

Small news, but news none the less, and we'll take anything we can get until we see some new announcements from Mr. Jobs himself.

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