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Symbian SlingPlayer makes UK amp leechers criminal


It's always a bit dodgy pulling amps off the mains in the local, now it can land you in jail. Let's say you're out and about in the UK watching TV on your new, Mobile network 3 provided N73 or W960 cellphone mobile with SlingPlayer client. As soon as you jack into the wall to top up the battery -- you're breaking the law if you're watching TV. By plugging in, you invoke the wrath of TV licensing laws since your home license only covers your device outside of the home as long as the battery -- not the mains -- is providing the juice. But wait, it gets worse. You also risk violating the terms and conditions of broadcasters such as BSkyB's Sky satellite television service which forbid the viewing of their content outside the registered address. Of course, this applies to any system that allows you to watch broadcast, streamed, or recorded television outside the home so why is this now, suddenly an issue? Whatevs, with the service set to go hot next week in the UK, you can expect to hear a few "oi, unplug that cellphone mate!" warnings from up on high.

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