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Griffin iTrips legalized in the UK


Rejoice, British motorists! No longer will you need to cower when you spot police while listening to your iPod through an iTrip. The once illegal activity of using FM wavelengths to listen to your music on your car stereo is illegal no more, thanks to impending relaxation of a decades old law.

The iTrip and other low-power radio transmitters were verboten under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949, which was this week amended to allow them after what the BBC calls "strong consumer demand". The transmitters will come off the black list on December 8th (also Wii launch day, if you're in the UK).

There is, however, still one small problem. You need to tune in the device to a spare FM channel, and these aren't so easy to come by in heavily populated areas such as London, where pirate radio thrives.

Of course, if you're driving around Congestion Charge-addled London in the first place, you're no stranger to constant struggle.

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