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Hey good buddy, UK lifts ban on FM Transmitters and CBs


Knowing that you risk legal trouble in the UK just for plugging your phone into a wall socket, you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that low-power FM transmitters -- like those that allow your iPod to play music through your car stereo -- are illegal too. Until December 8th that is. See, the UK's Office of Communications (Ofcom) heard your cries of freedom and are all set to lift the ban set by WWII-era legislation. Be careful though, not all FM transmitters will be legal, only those carrying the CE mark of approval. Oh, and let's all welcome back the 70s while we're at it 'cause you no longer need a license to use CB radios in The Kingdom either. Breaker one-nine this here's Rubber Duck, we say let them truckers roll!

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