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Hideo Kojima still misses his dear rumble

Nick Doerr

You may be thinking to yourself, "!", but it's more like "?", followed by a shrug or perhaps a strange pattern of walking. Metal Gear overlord and storyteller extraordinaire, Hideo Kojima, does indeed miss the rumble feature in the Sony controller for the PS3, as told in an interview with OPM. He even "hopes it will come back". A lot of people do, Kojima-san, a lot of people do.

How about the motion-sensing? Kojima did say they would use it in some way, shape, or form, but wasn't specific as to what, exactly. Let's take some time to think about it. Would it be aiming? No, no... that needs more than six axes (axe-eees). Looking around corners? Maybe, but L2 and R2 did just fine there. Perhaps moving the camera after hitting the aforementioned buttons? No... the right analog was dandy. Perhaps controlling something akin to the Nikita missile? That would be subtle enough to not get in Kojima's way, but still a proper utilization. Leave us your theories here!

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