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Japanese hardware sales, 13 November - 19 November: thankful edition


Noting the gigantic bird that recently invaded your home and the uncomfortable gathering of family members (very often composed of equally gigantic birds), it must have dawned on you that the time to give thanks has finally arrived. What better target is there for our gratitude cannon than those that spend a good deal of their lives with us, making us laugh and providing us with times we'll always cherish? Indeed, we thought it best to thank our beloved consoles and handhelds for the hours upon hours of joy they provide -- without all the hassles and drama of competing products like family and friends.

After the break: our individual notes of gratuitous gratitude.

- DS Lite: 128,621 19,553 (13.20%)
- PS3: 42,099 39,540 (48.43%)
- PSP: 16,690 2,433 (12.72%)
- PS2: 15,068 1,089 (6.74%)
- Xbox 360: 4,050 186 (4.81%)
- GBA SP: 1,199121 (9.17%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,037 176 (14.51%)
- Gamecube: 514 18 (3.63%)
- DS Phat: 182 97 (34.77%)
- GBA: 30 18 (150.00%)
- Xbox: 6 3 (100.00%)

[Source: Media Create]

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Thank you, DS Lite -- for teaching us that puppies are adorable for approxiately five minutes, after which they become needy little monsters that are better off trapped for eternity in tiny little cartridges. Also, thanks for making us obscenely rich in the seedy sales chart betting scene.

Thank you, PS3 -- for letting us watch Talladega Nights. It was pretty funny, even more so in Ultra Full To The Maxxtreme Definition.

Thank you, PSP -- for Lumines and porn. That's ... pretty much it.

Thank you, PS2 -- for having the only games lineup this year to feature demonic detectives, sky pirates, wolf gods and martial arts morons.

Thank you, Xbox 360 -- for being one of the few gifts that keeps on taking. (Watch out, microtransaction joke!)

Thank you, GBA SP -- for making the GBA obsolete and cutting down on our electric bill in the process.

Thank you, Game Boy Micro --
for demonstrating that we really were hanging out with the wrong crowd. Bunch of posers.

Thank you, Gamecube --
for letting us play delayed, inferior versions of your previously exclusive and highly anticipated games.

Thank you, DS Phat --
for enabling us to annoy countless many with the term, "DS Phat."

Thank you, GBA --
for comically highlighting the original Xbox's performance in Japan.

Thank you, Xbox --
for Breakdown. Seriously, it was pretty good.

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