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Washington Post: Wii comes to Thanksgiving, PS3 locked up


Following the thrashing the New York Times gave the PS3, it was only a matter of time before the Washington Post chimed in with their verdict on the new systems. The Washington Post's Mike Musgrove invited a bunch of people over to play both systems. Most hadn't even heard of the Wii and were looking forward to playing the PS3. Turned out the Wii "was the hit of the party."

Musgrove gets Washington Post readers up to speed on what the Wii is and keeps going on, and on, and on about it. Eventually when he gets around to talking about the PS3 he writes, "Most of my friends who picked up the PS3's controller ended up frustrated. The typical game for the system requires players to have memorized where all the buttons are, and it's much harder to just pick up a controller and have a good time. Some of the verdicts they offered are unprintable." Ouch. Of course, the PS3 did dominate in the graphics department, however Musgrove points out you have to be pretty sharp to tell the difference between a PS3 and an Xbox 360 game at this point. He also referred to PS3's online sign-up process as a "vale of tears."

It all culminates with Musgrove taking the Wii to his girlfriend's family's house for Thanksgiving because "it's just darn fun" and locking away the PS3 in an "undisclosed location, where it is being guarded by ninjas and feral dogs." A game system being locked away rather then being played, sounds like a sad life for a console.

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