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Capcom's Lost Planet tiny text


Capcom isn't done sticking it to standard definition television users yet. After Capcom dismissed patching Dead Rising's tiny text because it just "wasn't possible," now Capcom is about to release the same tiny text scourge with Lost Planet's multiplayer. We know the comment thread is about to fill up with: "Why do you own an Xbox 360 without an HDTV?" or "HDTV's are so cheap, just go out and buy one!" May we please remind those commenters that a majority of consumers still own a SDTV and that's not an excuse for sloppy developers to create unreadable text.

This time around SDTV owners should be aware that Lost Planet, as things stand now, does have tiny text issues. Hopefully this time around Capcom will see the light and allow players to increase the font size before it becomes an impossibly horrible burden on the poor company to fix it.

Video after the break and we did mention this in passing during our Lost Planet multiplayer review.

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