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Download all those badass Neo Geo arcade classics!

Nick Doerr

This has been confirmed for the PS3, but, sorry 360 fans... no word from your overlord Microsoft yet. The Sony overlords were kind in realizing these games consist of one of the manifestations of virtual awesome -- there are five such fabled manifestations in the world, of which the Neo Geo games combine to form one. Can you discover them all, mighty warriors/amazons? Enough overly dramatic fantasy narrative and on to the news!

What will the games be? When will we be able to download them onto our PS3's? These have not yet been determined. What do you think? King of Fighters is pretty much a given (the 2-D versions, not the subpar 3-D ones of late). So will Metal Slug and those games. Was Samurai Showdown a Neo Geo title? I remember playing that with some others on a single arcade machine in Fuddruckers a long, long time ago. Maybe I'm confused, but I'd like to play that game again. What do you guys think?

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