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Journler 2.1 beta previews massive upgrade

David Chartier

Philip Dow has announced a significant update to Journler, his feature-packed writing/digital junk drawer app that topped my list of apps that help you get organized. As far as what's new, Philip stated in the beta download forum thread that there are simply too many changes to list (hopefully he means 'for now'), so he's taken the 'push some buttons and have fun!' route. At first glance, the app has obviously joined many others in the new realm of the Unified toolbar, and the rest of the UI has received a lot of polish. Unparalleled iLife integration is better than ever with a dedicated button for calling various media browsers in the bottom right of the window, and a new in-line resources panel on the right helps you to keep track of all the images, audio, video and documents you have linked and embedded in the present entry.

I'm sure a lot more has been added to an already excellent app, and the discussion is ensuing in this Journler forum thread, where you can also download a copy of the beta. Lastly, Journler's license has also received an update. It's still donationware for personal use (and I highly encourage you to show Philip some love for all his hard work if you're using it), but a $24.95 license - a steal at that price, especially in comparison to Yojimbo or SOHO Notes - is now required for any institutions, businesses, organizations or individuals who are using Journler in their daily routines and/or simply making money with it. It's a pretty straight-forward request, and more information is available in either a Journler preference pane, or on the web here.

Journler is an excellent app that I highly recommend if you're tired of leaving text files and images lying around. Check out its extensive feature list, and keep in mind it hasn't been updated for all the new goodies in the 2.1 beta.

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