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Clipcomm BS-T100V converts VoIP to your mobile via Bluetooth

Cyrus Farivar

With Skype and other assorted VoIP services getting more and more popular, you might be eyeing one of those new handsets we've been showing your for the last few months. However, some of you might have wondered why you'd want to buy another handset when you probably have a perfectly good cellphone with the necessary internals to do the job, right? You're in luck, as such a product just debuted at the VoIP / IPTV World 2006 expo in Korea: Clipcomm's BS-T100V will convert your home VoIP service and send it over Bluetooth to your celly, letting you talk up a storm without using a ton of those precious minutes. (Of course, if you're a T-Mobile customer in Seattle, you could get HotSpot @Home right now.) As happy as this product makes us, we still can't get too excited yet given that we don't know what it'll cost, nor if it'll ever make it across that bigger pond to the West.


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