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    Nikon's entry-level D40 DSLR reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We knew this bad boy was coming, we even got our grubby hands on the thing before it went public, and we've watched the D50s replacement finally get official all within the past few months. Now, however, the discerning folks over at ePhotoZine have subjected Nikon's latest entry-level DSLR to a bevy of tests and deemed it quite the worthwhile successor. Reviewers immediately praised the build quality and smaller size, noting that this was the first DSLR they could "actually get it in a coat pocket comfortably." Also, they were impressed with Nikon's decision to stick with the 6.1-megapixel sensor, insinuating that newcomers to the DSLR world would appreciate "the savings in both hard disc storage and processing speed," regardless of whether they even realized it. The crew found the D40 "easier to use" than its predecessor and admired the "useful additions" to in-camera abilities and menus, many derived from the more expensive D80 model. Noteworthy digs included the lack of a top LCD screen, a new battery that wouldn't play nice with others in the range, and the fact that it only supports SWM motor lenses. Overall, the D40 sports improvements "all in the right areas," and still provides a solid entrance into the endless world of DSLR shooting, and offers a great way to start wallowing out your savings account once you get addicted.

    [Via Digital Photography Blog]

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