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Sonar Blu-ray laser pen is made out of gutted players


There's no question that the guys over at Wicked Lasers are completely laser obsessed, and their most recent laser-based endeavor -- extracting the Blue laser from a Blu-ray player to create what they call the "Sonar laser" -- is a testament to this fact. Apparently the supply of the Blu-ray diode is so short (we wonder why) that their team of laser engineers were driven to ripping apart a retail Blu-ray player in order to extract its most valuable component. Presumably this extreme method is the justification behind the $1999.99 price tag that Wicked Lasers has placed on the Sonar laser, although we wouldn't bet on them getting every diode this way. Personally, we're left wondering why Wicked Lasers didn't up the exclusivity factor by using gutted PS3s. That way they could've charged $2599.98, geddit?

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