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Nike Amp+

Scott McNulty

Don't you love it when as yet unreleased products show up on Gift Guides? The Nike Amp+ was included on Men's Health's 2007 Tech Guide (there isn't a permalink, but it is listed under Media Players). What? You haven't heard of the Nike Amp+? Well, there is good reason for that, it hasn't been released yet.

The Nike Amp+ is a wrist band which communicates with your iPod (with Bluetooth, I assume) so that you can start, stop, and browse your tunes. That's not all! It also talks to the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, so you can access information about your run without having to take out your iPod.

I'm not a runner, but this is cool enough that I might just pick one up anyway. No details about pricing or availability are known at this time.

Thanks, Barry.

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