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Promote Burger King with your Xbox Gamer Pic


A filthy marketing scheme is slivering its way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace today: Burger King Games Picture Pack. We shudder at the thought of Xbox Live users handing over their gamer picture spaces to Burger King. But it will happen -- because the picture pack is free.

Some may view this as a win-win situation (users get free pics, BK gets free advertising), but the BK Picture Pack also highlights a growing disappointment: there aren't enough freebie gamer pics to download. If we had our way, playing a game would unlock at least a pair of pics (additional content could still be sold); plus, achievement images (already cropped to gamer pic size) could be inserted into one's gamer card. Instead, users are eagerly downloading Burger King ads because they deviate from the pay-for-content norm.

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