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Rare PS3 sneakers going for $4,000+ at auction

PlayStation 3s aren't the only thing fetching high prices at the auction house these days. Even PS3 sneakers (like the things that go on your feet if and when you leave the house) are commanding a premium. This limited edition pair of PlayStation 3-themed Nike Air Max sneakers (which normally retail for under $200) are currently valued at $4,010 USD at shoe auction site Blue Sole (we can't believe shoe auction sites exist either ... we love you, Internet!).

Even though the insole features the PS3's "Play Beyond" tagline -- and unlike those working NES sneakers -- these aren't actually working PlayStation 3s. So what does your $4,010 dollars (and counting!) get you? The aforementioned insole, the console's US launch date stitched on the back, a hologram "Swoosh" (a Nike first!), two pairs of shoelaces, a patent leather upper that mimics the PS3's heatsink (?), and "mechanical drawings of the PS3" inside the shoe. For some reason, the auction site doesn't have images of the really exclusive, bid-inducing stuff like, uh, the insole and mechanical drawings, but if staring at that 11.17.06 stitching gets your check-writing hand all twitchy, then rest comfortably knowing that "100% of the funds from this auction will go to charity." We don't know what charity, but you've got a week to find out. The auction ends on December 4th.

[Thanks, hohoho; via PS3Land]

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