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RoadRover ENV1200 will guide you through the Middle Kingdom

Cyrus Farivar

RoadRover, RoadRover -- send some GPS right over! This Chinese navigation company has just released the ENV1200, a new navigation device that comes in a sporty (and Commie) red color. It's got some pretty good hardware too, with a 400MHz processor, 128MB of NAND flash memory, and 64MB of RAM. Further, it'll keep you headed in the right direction with its P30 GPS receiver, which apparently is very similar to the SiRF Star III that we've come to know and love, says Navigadget. As you'd expect, the ENV1200 plays the normal host of media files, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, WAV, MP3 and WMA as well as the standard still formats. However, a new feature that seems pretty simple to add, given that its running Windows CE 5.0, is the ability to display text files, PDFs, and even Microsoft Office documents. And finally, as expected, all the maps come loaded up on a 1GB SD card. Despite the fact that the specs appear to be more or less standard, there are a couple aspects of this that we're a bit confused about. First, Navigadget reports this device will not be available in North America or Europe for the time being, although the map on the screen clearly shows the eastern part of Romania and the northern part of Bulgaria. Second, the site also says that the ENV1200 comes in a trio of colors: silver, grey (are those two really all that different?), or black -- but makes no mention of the red that's pretty obvious in the press photo. Once we find out what's going on here, including the ENV1200's price, we'll let you know.

[Via Navigadget]

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