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CIO likes MacBook

Scott McNulty

It isn't newsworthy when a Windows users, formerly biased against Macs in the enterprise, changes his mind. Unless, of course, that Windows users happens to be John Halamka, CIO of Harvard Medical School and CareGroup. This man isn't your typical user.

As part of an article for CIO Halamka tried out 3 different machines for a month each to evaluate whether they would be viable replacements for his Windows machine. The first was a MacBook (couldn't they have sprung for a MacBook Pro?), the second a ThinkPad running RedHat, and the third a Dell subnotebook running Windows XP. The twist being that after Halamka shares his thoughts with CIO magazine an expert in each machine type comments on his experiences. The Mac expert is the always dashing Jason Snell from Macworld.

The conclusion? The Dell subnotebook running OS X would be Halamka's ideal machine (he likes the fact that the Dell is smaller and puts out less heat), sadly that doesn't exist. Read the whole article for all the gory details.

[via Daring Fireball]

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