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Mac mini-based recording studio in a piano hits eBay


Ok, so it's not exactly a Mac Mini mod -- it's just sitting there -- but this so-called "Music Machine" is in a class of DIY projects all its own, taking an antique most wouldn't think of altering and ripping its guts out, stuffing it instead with recording and computer gear. At the core is the aforementioned Mac mini (a 1.42GHz model) complimented by a 17-inch LCD, a Lexicon Omega audio interface, built-in Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0 speakers, and an MXL 2006 Cardioid Microphone, plus a number of other peripherals. Alas, it seems the original piano keys didn't quite cut it -- they've been replaced with a Studiologic TMK-88 MIDI keyboard, but maybe that'll be remedied in the next version; the person behind this bit of retro goodness is selling the whole shebang on eBay to help fund a new-and-improved rig. Things don't look to have gotten off to the best of starts, however, with the starting bid still untouched at a hefty $4,000.

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