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Master Sword forged for Zelda fan


What do you get when you take a bloke obsessed with Zelda and too much money? A real-life Master Sword, straight from Scotland. The blacksmiths over at Castle Keep took several designs and artwork of the Master Sword from fanatic Paul Hantschel and prepared to forge. Almost a year and $3,300 later, Paul received one of the most famous weapons in gaming history. Now it is time for him to don the traditional green tunic and take on the greatest task gamers have faced for nearly 20 years.

Following the break is a ginormous image of the real-life Master Sword in all its Tektite slashing glory. You are allowed to drool for a moment before remembering how much he paid for an item that it will probably do no more than sit on a mantle or be sold on eBay after its glitter has vanished.

[Via 1P Start]

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