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NY Times: "Wii succeeds admirably"

Blake Snow

In stark contrast to his critical PS3 article, Seth Schiesel from the New York Times had nice things to say about Nintendo's white little box, the Wii. He plays the "fun is what really matters" card, praises Wii Sports, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Madden '07 (<-- so good), and commends the console's ability to lure his older, non-gamer family members during the Thanksgiving break.

From the article: "The Wii is about rescuing gaming from the clutches of the hard-core young male demographic that has dominated the industry's thinking for years. It is about making video games accessible again by providing a simple, intuitive, relatively inexpensive entertainment experience that an entire family can actually enjoy together. At that, the Wii succeeds admirably."

Schiesel continues, however, by saying that Wii almost certainly won't work as a primary system for hardcore gamers, something Nintendo still hopes to accomplish with the likes of Zeldas and despite their brash differentiation attempts from their traditionally focused competitors. The initial consensus appears to confirm that Wii is indeed fun. But can it consistently deliver the drama that hardcore gamers inevitably seek?

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