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Willcom rolls out a couple new nicos

Chris Ziegler

What's a "nico," you ask? It's a kid-friendly candybar served up by Japan's Willcom, a carrier riding on the short-range PHS network perhaps best known for Sharp's lustworthy W-ZERO3 Pocket PC. So anyway, these rather curious-looking nicos have been kicking around for a while now -- but so far, they've all been white. Boring, eh? A little iPodish, perhaps? No worries: Willcom's now dropped a couple black ones for ya, one with white accents and another with purple. So, you know, if you're using PHS, you live in Japan, and you have children... you know what to do.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

Read - Black with white accents
Read - Black with purple accents

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