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XBLA Poker to get update, leaderboard reset

Kyle Orland

Xbox 360 early adopters everywhere were thrilled when Microsoft announced a free, 48-hour download window for Xbox Live Arcade's Texas Hold 'Em Poker. They were less than thrilled when the actual game turned out to be a slow-paced, cheating-riddled, broken mess of a poker game. Oh, well, you get what you pay for, right?

Apparently not. Tomorrow, Microsoft will be uploading a free update for the game that fixes many of the problems that have plagued would-be betters. The most important fix by far is the elimination of some well-known cheating methods and an accompanying leaderboard reset "to eliminate inflated scores as a result of these exploits." Other new features include improved matchmaking and interface, prettied up in-game art, and general speed enhancements.

Will the update be enough to transform Texas Hold 'Em Poker from an unplayable mess into a playable, um, non-mess? We'll find out along with you when the patch is release at 4 a.m. Eastern tomorrow morning.

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