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Xbox burned down house -- three years ago


Boston has been full of really stupid mainstream media game reporting lately. Yesterday, WBZ's Chris May reported on a three year old case of an original Xbox allegedly burning down a house in ... Hollywood, Fla. Wow, the local news was so streched for content that they took a three year old story -- from another state -- and repackaged it for Boston audiences. Looks like someone picked up their assignment editor from a FOX affiliate. So, for all we know, this story of the Steckler family's house burning down wanders the country like Cain in Kung Fu. Let us know if you've seen this sensationalist piece of journalism in your region of the country.

For starters, this power cord recall is ancient news. If you still own an original Xbox that was part of the recall, do yourself a favor and get the new cord. It may not prevent your original Xbox from having other power cord incidents, but at least you won't be on the local news three years from now because your house burned down. Only you can help prevent stupid local news reports.

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