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Buffalo's new HS-DHGL LinkStation NAS serves up some iTunes


While it's fun to watch manufacturers stuff ever-larger hard drives into their ever-sexier NAS products, it gets a bit tried after a while. That's why we're excited to see Buffalo mixing things up a bit with some fancy new iTunes sharing. For the most part, Buffalo's new HS-DHGL "LinkStation Living" lineup sticks to the general HDD bump scheme, with options for 250GB, 320GB and 500GB hard drives (at the respective prices of roughly $287, $306 and $441), but spices things up a bit with DLNA for media pushing, and breaks new ground with iTunes server functionality. We're not exactly sure if that means these things can serve up iTunes DRM'ed music, or just your standard fare MP3/AAC files, but it's a welcome addition all the same. We did see that iHome Multi-Center a couple months back that was touting FairPlay compatibility, so we know the former is at least possible. Stir in a bit of gigabit Ethernet and TV recording functionality (over USB and Ethernet, it seems), and it looks like Buffalo has quite the winner here, though it looks like most of this winning will be happing in Japan for now.

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