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Infogrames shows fewer losses [update 1]

Justin Murray

Infogrames, which more frequently goes by its subsidiary Atari, is moving closer to being profitable again. The once popular company has spent many a year in the red and is hoping some new strategies will get them back in black (and allow them to play the AC/DC song at their shareholder meeting).

Infogrames' recent mid-year report shows an operating loss of $43.9 million, which is a step in the right direction; Infogrames lost $59.8 million by this time last year. Infogrames cited selling off its various studios, such as Shiny, as the reason for the decreased loss. Hopefully Infogrames can keep the trend moving, more healthy game companies means more competition and better stuff for us.

However, Infogrames' methods of profitability are questionable. Much of the $16 million difference comes from major, one-time income sources. No company can sustain itself if a major source of income is cannibalizing themselves. Infogrames will need to utilize continuing operations if they wish to become profitable again, and selling off studios may not be the best course of action.

[Update: It was actually an operating loss, the total loss was higher]

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