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Mars Needs Backups


Since backing up is the computing equivalent of a dentist visit -- sure you should do it, but it seems to slip down the priority list somehow -- we all end up looking for the WaterPik of backup to reduce the pain and aggravation. With SuperDuper!, Retrospect and others crowding the pool and Time Machine looming in the near future, here come our little green friends at Martian Technology. The LGM seem to grok the problem of triggered backups, where an external storage device may come and go; the desired behavior is for the backups to happen when the storage is there, and not when it's... well, not.

Martian Lifeboat is out now for $14.99 with free demo, allowing you to define separate LifeBoats to back up whenever your target device is ready and willing. The license is good for every Mac in your collection... no more excuses! If you try it, let us know your results.

Thanks Greg!

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